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The world didn’t need another high street estate agency. Handcuffed to their desks in shiny suits waiting for the clock to turn to 5pm so they can go home.

It needed something different. Something more. It needed something with the imagination and insight to upend a broken model.


We take pride in transforming the real estate experience with our distinctive one-on-one approach. Unlike conventional agencies, where clients might navigate a complex network of agents, we are committed to providing you with a more personalised and streamlined journey.

If you’re wondering what we do differently, the answer is everything. In fact, we don’t think of ourselves as typical estate agents at all. We have a desire to rethink the way property is managed and marketed, meaning we go further in every single area to make every detail work for you. We are constantly redefining the selling and buying experience across the industry and raising the bar when it comes to service and communication.


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"Affordable, friendly and extremely professional. Went above and beyond the expectations of an estate agent. Would highly recommend." - D.Elliott