Scott Hyde - Director

Scott’s impressive track record stems from his high level negotiation skills, extensive knowledge of current market trends, service-based mentality, and proven systems.

With over 10 years of Real Estate experience, Scott has been involved in the sale of thousands of homes. Today, as the Founder of WR Estate Agents, Scott is highly motivated to change the way estate agents are viewed and wants to do this by ensuring his client’s needs are always met and by making the experience of buying and selling homes in Worcester, simple.

A high touch agent known for his unmatched devotion to clients and commitment towards a proactive presence in the community, Scott’s success is based on his powerful negotiation style and client-agent relationship. Scott also actively practices innovative marketing strategies that have built WR Estate Agents into one of the leading agents in Worcester.

Scott is deeply connected to Worcester and Worcestershire. Growing up throughout these areas in his formidable years, he relates the home as a safe and a nesting place to create memories and aspires for his clients to feel this connection with their homes.


Through hard work and dedication for over a decade, Scott has elevated the standard of what it means to be a local Estate Agent. As the connecting agent from where people are in their lives to where they’ll be producing life’s milestone markers, Scott advances the art of local estate agency. Emulating his philosophy, “Inspired To Move,” Scott pushes forward, continually evolves and learns, and centres purpose as his driving force.